CERAMIC SKIN Saviour Moisturizer Gel (Reformulated)

Hydrate, Revive, & Strengthen Your Skin
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Ceramic Skin Saviour

Super Moisturizing Gel-Cream complete with 10 Advanced Skin-Loving Ingredients that are proven to lock-in moisture for up to 24 hours! With Marine Collagen, Palmitoyl Tripeptide, Sodium Hyaluronate, & Ceramide that will strengthen the skin barrier, brighten, anti-aging, & fade dark spots. 
Feel the sensation of 24-hour moisture, act as a moisturizer for a healthier skin barrier, & an anti-aging moisturizer! Somethinc Ceramic Skin Savior Moisturizer Gel is suitable for use as a moisturizer for combination skin and a facial moisturizer for dry and dull skin.

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* 10X Skin Loving Advanced Ingredients
* 24HR Moisture Lock Verified
* Light gel-cream texture
* Reef Safe Verified
* Non-Comedogenic certified
* Hypoallergenic
* Suitable for sensitive skin
* Suitable for acne prone skin
* Non irritation formula
* 0% Fragrance
* Dermatologically Tested
* BPOM Certified



  1. Take appropriate amount of products to cover your face & neck.
  2. Use after applying your favorite SomeThinc serum.
  3. Make sure your hands are clean before patting it on a clean & dry face, then let the product absorb.
  4. Can be used every day (morning & night).



Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

A type # 1Collagen that absorbs 1.5x faster to maintain skin elasticity & youthfulness. Marine Collagen is made from fish (skin, scales & sometimes fish bones).

Encapsulated Ceramide

Encapsulated ceramide is more stable because of its encapsulation technology. It can reduce redness with its anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizing & strengthening the skin barrier.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide

Palmitoyl Tripeptide functions as an anti-aging, because it is clinically proven to be able to disguise fine lines & wrinkles in 6 weeks.


Serves to soothe minor irritations that cause excess melanin production so that skin pigmentation is uneven. this ingredient is also able to prevent hyperpigmentation, help brighten & evens skin tone in 4 weeks


Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-aging benefits. Caffeine can also reduce redness (Rosacea), & reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin C (EAA)

Ethyl ascorbic acid is the most stable derivative of vitamin C (not easily oxidized). With high antioxidant properties, it can protect skin from the harmful sun rays & help to brighten up skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate is a salt form of hyaluronic acid that acts as a humectant (attracts moisture). Sodium hyaluronate can make lips feel softer, “full”, smoother & more hydrated.

Hydrolyzed Algae Extract

It can nourish the skin, hydrate the skin from within, functions as antioxidants & antibacterial.


The chemical structure of betaine resembles amino acid glycine with three additional methyl groups (called trimethylglycine). The benefits of betaine in skin care include hydrating, soothing, as an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging to skin. 



Oat (Avena sativa) is rich in minerals & nutrients such as silica, magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, iron, calcium, alkaloids, protein, B complex vitamins, vitamins A & C. For centuries it has been used to treat & soothe sensitive skin.

What's CERAMIC SKIN Finish mean?

Ceramic skin finish is your skin but healthier, not too dry, not too over-glow, just right! Amount of healthier version of your skin.


Is it suitable for daily use?

Yup! It is suitable for daily use, even day & night. BUT it is NOT recommended for those who have fish allergies to use this product. If you still wany to try, you can do a patch test in the ear area first.


What is the pH of Ceramic Skin Saviour?

Ceramic Skin Saviour's stability is at pH 6-7, it's suitable even on sensitive skin.


Can I use it for my oily skin?

Yes. Ceramic Skin Saviour hepls control your oily skin & keep your skin hydrated.


Are Somethinc products already HALAL certified & already registered with BPOM?

Yes, Somethinc products already registered with BPOM & received a Halal certificate from MUI.


Is this product suitable for pregnant women/breastfeeding moms?

We have formulated the ingredients that already received BPOM standard approval. But considering that pregnant women sometimes have allergies to certain things & hormonal changes, it's better to consult the ingredients in your skincare products to an obstetrician.


I am a teenager, can I use this?

Yes, but we recommend this Moisturizer Gel for 11 years old & up.


Is there any fragrance in this Moisturizer ingredients?



Is it environmental friendly?

Yes. Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen made from fish (skin, scales & sometimes fish bones) helps reduce environmental pollution and provides a superior & beneficial source of collagen protein.


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